Take-Away Kayak Rentals


Recreational Kayaks are the best option for the casual paddler looking for an easy way to get out on water, and the best choice for the less experienced to learn to control. (Please see our FAQ page for more details).

Rental customers should be prepared to have an appropriate vehicle for transport. A sedan or SUV with a  factory rack or other quality roof rack with crossbars can usually accept two kayaks nested together; several kayaks will fit into pickup trucks with 5' - 8' beds. We do have foam pad kits that can allow kayak transport with some four door vehicles, but have found that the thin sheet metal used in newer models often eliminates that option, Please call us before booking if you have any doubts about your ability to safely transport a kayak.

Those without an appropriate vehicle for transporting hardshell kayaks may want to consider one of our stand-up paddleboards outfitted with a kayak seatback and kayak paddle. This simple conversion transforms the SUP into a lightweight sit-on-top kayak that can be easily transported by virtually any vehicle, inflated at your destination with the provided pump, and then deflated to store and return. Full details can be found at our Paddleboard Rentals page.

If you need assistance in transporting watercraft, Delivery, Pick Up and Shuttle Services are now available, but are likely to appeal primarily to groups of 6 or more. Please see our Additional Services (Ala Carte) page for details. 

Our Kayaks

Our kayak fleet is comprised entirely of watercraft manufactured in Tennessee by Jackson Kayak..

Kayak Details

Jackson Riviera

Jackson's Riviera is quite possibly the most comfortable Sit-on-top Kayak in existence. Surprisingly quick and agile, yet remarkably stable, the Riviera is a great choice for a wide variety of applications. An exceptionally shallow draft can take fishermen into some areas inaccessible by other watercraft.

Jackson Riviera SOT Kayak:

Additional Information

  • All kayak rentals include 1 Kayak Paddle, 1 adult PFD's, and up to 1 youth, child, or infant PFD's upon request. Appropriate straps to secure the kayak to your vehicle are also included at no additional charge.
  • Extra Paddles, PFD's, or other gear are available for an additional fee.
  • As with all rentals, the 4:30 - 6:30 afternoon pick up time window is intended for those who intend to get out early the following morning.

  • Quiet Waters Paddling Adventures kayaks can be used on all lakes in NM, as well as rivers up to Class III. We do not rent paddlecraft for use on Class III+ whitewater or above.

  • Alcohol use is expressly prohibited.


Reservations are required for all rentals. Bookings of up to three days can be made online for pickup on Fridays through Sundays and holidays. Rental pickup involving any other days, or for extended rentals of more than 3 days, please call us at 505-771-1234.