Take-Away Paddleboard Rentals

Now Offering a Kayak Seat Back Option!


We've added a Kayak Seat Back Option to our entire Badfish SUP line, which instantly transforms the paddleboard into an extremely portable and lightweight sit on top kayak. The portability of the SUPs make them a great choice for those without racks and pickup trucks to transport hardshell kayaks, but many people find standing or kneeling for long periods of time challenging. By outfitting the SUP with the seatback and swapping out the SUP paddle for a kayak paddle you can enjoy a relaxing kayaking experience via SUP..

The Badfisher SUP pictured above is a great choice for parents looking for an option with the capacity to bring a young child along with a parent. (The Monarch is another option for those with smaller children as well).


Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) have exploded in popularity over the past several years; most people are surprised to find they're easier to get the hang of than they anticipate. We'd recommend beginners start at a lake or other flat water destination to learn the basics without the concern of the effects of current. (Please see our FAQ page for more details).

All of our SUP fleet are inflatables, so rental customers without an appropriate vehicle for transporting a canoe or kayak may find the SUP a good option. Of course, a sedan or SUV with a  factory rack or other quality roof rack with crossbars, or a pick up truck allows transport while inflated, which saves the time and effort involved inflating the board at your destination. Please call us before booking if you have any questions about the best way to transport a paddleboard.

Our SUPs

Our paddleboard fleet is now primarily comprised of equipment from Badfish SUP, a high end supplier who are legendary for their whitewater SUPs. Badfish SUP's combines drop stitch technology with their proprietary Exoskeleton design that allows inflation pressures to 17 psi, delivering performance approaching rigid composite paddleboards while saving significant weight.

All paddleboard rentals include a Cannon Boost aluminum shaft paddle, the Badfish dual-action pump and backpack (unless transporting inflated), and offer unrivaled portability and security, regardless of your vehicle. Leashes are also provided for those heading to lakes (Only quick-release leashes should be used on any river - a standard leash can be a serious entrapment hazard).

Badfish Stand Up Paddleboards

Badfish Surf Traveler - 10' 2" x 31" x 5", 25 lbs. (Carrying Capacity: 100 - 230 lbs.)

The Surf Traveler's continuous rocker design excels at surfing river waves and provides exceptional responsiveness and turning ability. With the highest width to length ratio in our fleet, the Surf Travel delivers great stability and glide in flatwater applications. While all our paddleboards are all-purpose designs that perform well in most environments, the Surf Traveler is the best option for the Rio Grande near ABQ for paddlers under 200 lbs.

Badfish Monarch - 11' x 34" x 5", 27 lbs. (Carrying Capacity:100 - 260 lbs.) 

While the Surf Traveler excels on rivers, the Monarch shines in flatwater applications.  Unrivaled glide translates to a fast SUP, yet the rockered nose makes  negotiating Class I/II rivers a breeze. The best all-arounder in the Badfish line, with carrying capacity that far exceeds what most anyone would need for day use. 

Badfish Badfisher - 11' 6" x 36" x 6", 33 lbs. (Carrying Capacity:100 - 300 lbs.) 

Designed to provide stability while casting and doing battle with determined fish, the Badfisher is also an excellent platform for SUP yoga, has the capacity to allow a parent to easily bring a young child along, and is a great SUP for bigger folks, The Badfisher has multiple d-rings to allow  lashing of coolers and dry bags as well. Sharing design characteristics with the Monarch, the Badfisher is appropriate on both lakes and Class I/II rivers. 

Additional Information

  • All SUP rentals include 1 SUP Paddle, 1 adult PFD, and up to 1 youth, child, or infant PFD (if needed) at no additional charge. Straps are also included for those who have appropriate vehicles to transport SUP's inflated. 

  • Extra PFD's or other gear are available for an additional fee.

  • As with all rentals, the 4:30 - 6:30 afternoon pick up time window is intended for those who intend to get out early the following morning.

  • Quiet Waters Paddling Adventures stand-up paddleboards can be used on all lakes in NM, as well as rivers up to Class III. We do not rent paddlecraft for use on Class III+ whitewater or above.

  • Alcohol use is expressly prohibited.


Reservations are required for all rentals. Bookings of up to three days can be made online.

For rentals longer than 3 days, please call us at 505-771-1234