Gear Rentals

We offer a variety of of rental gear for paddlers. (All prices include sales tax).

PFD's (Life Vests)

New Mexico is one of very few states that requires that anyone aboard any kind of paddlecraft (canoe, kayak, raft or SUP) wear a USCG-approve PFD (Personal Floation Device) at all times. We have PFD's to fit virtually anyone:

  • Adult Standard (Type III) - Chest Size 30" - 52": Weight over 90 lbs.
  • Adult XL (Type III) - Chest Size: Over 52"
  • Youth (Type III) - Weight Range: 50 - 90 lbs.
  • Child (Type III) - Weight Range: 30 - 50 lbs.
  • Infant (Type II) - Weight Range: 0 - 30 lbs.

All Sizes: $5.00 per day


Canoe Paddles(Aluminum Shaft/Plastic Blades) Available Lengths: 51", 54", 57", 60", 66"):

$5.00 per day

Kayak Paddles (Aluminum Shaft/Plastic Blades) Available Lengths: 210cm, 220cm, 230cm, 240cm):

$10.00 per day

SUP Paddles (Aluminum Shaft/Plastic Blades) Adjustable Lengths.

$10.00 per day

Safety and Cooler Weather Gear

Please see the "Cooler Weather Paddling" page for information on paddling in the cooler seasons.


Helmets aren't required on the Middle RIo Grande here, but for those planning a Rio Chama outing (or other light whitewater) helmets are recommended.

NRS Havoc Livery Helmet (White)

ABS Plastic, DialFit adjustable (fits most): $5.00 per day


Recommended when combined air & water temperatures are below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Base layer core protection, 2 mm neoprene.

NRS Little John (Men's) Sizes: S - XXL : $10.00 per day

NRS Little Jane (Women's) Sizes: XS - XXL: $10.00 per day

Splash Wear

Coated nylon pullover tops and pants provide splash protection and a wind-proof top layer. These are not dry wear, and do not offer protection against immersion in water.

NRS Rio Splash Pants (Unisex) Sizes: S - XL: $5.00 per day

NRS RIo Splash Tops (Unisex) Sizes: S - XXL: $5.00 per day