"The river always purified. It seemed to bring some thoughts from far above, who knew from where, and carry others far downstream, who knew whither. Using the river, a person could dream awake, like a child."

Paul Horgan, “Great River – The Rio Grande in North American History”

Update – May 28, 2024

With flows back to more serene levels as spring runoff concludes, we've now changed our calendar to once again focus on the spectacular river reach north of Albuquerque that our long time customers are familiar with.

Self-guided options are available daily, with guided options available on weekends. Rentals for those wanting to transport watercraft to destinations themselves are also available 7 days a week. Full details on the various options can be found by clicking through the links immediately below.

Rio Grande Adventures!

Take-Away Rentals

 New Mexico strictly prohibits operation of any watercraft while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Please save the party for after the river.